A Time for Choosing: Illinois 2016

This is a new service for Illinois voters who favor limited Constitutional government and founding American principles and values as President Reagan did. As he said in his famous 1964 speech, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

That includes active Republican voters as well as independents, new voters, inactive voters, and Reagan Democrats who are uncomfortable with the radical socialist agenda of the “progressive” Democratic party leaders of today and their cronies or minions who just do their bidding.

University schools of communications and journalism are so biased in favor of liberal points of view that few opportunities exist in media for conservative journalists who favor objective research and reporting about the consequences of government, rather than just lofty promises.

Illinois TV, radio, and newspaper channels are dominated by the liberal point of view. There are a few noteworthy exceptions, but they mostly reach a very limited audience.

Rather than focus on the ideological debate between “liberal progressives” and “social or fiscal conservatives”, our focus is on the voters facing choices about the future leadership of Illinois and America. They need to have better information to support better choices. The petty quarrels of the daily news cycle distract from real issues which matter to voters.

This is not a publication of the Republican Party; we focus on topics of concern to over 2 million Illinois Republican voters who are poorly served today.

The choices voters make directly affect all of our lives and communities. The outcomes of policy choices and government actions impact us today and for generations to come. We need to choose our public servants more carefully. There are many media channels which constantly promote the liberal progressive point of view.

We believe that objective, factual reporting from an independent perspective historically favors the more “conservative” policy point of view as producing better outcomes for everyone. Good intentions and election promises can’t be trusted. Our reporting reflects that general point of view without favoring any elected official or candidate.

This channel is for successful people who do not want or trust government to rule over their lives.

If you believe in liberty and personal responsibility for developing your own American dream, join us.

If you believe in private charity rather than the redistribution of wealth by politicians, join us.

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