Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher

Empowering voters to turn Illinois around

Letter from the Editor

Why go to print?

Justice for Voters in the Balance

Transforming the Supreme Court

Reagan Won Illinois Three Times

Believe it or not, the GOP can win

Super PACS: Funding Liberal Media

It’s sad where the money goes

Money in Illinois Politics

The rules favor incumbents, not voters

Congressional Fundraising

Investing in winners and losers  without a strategy

General Assembly Fundraising

Can donors reform Springfield to save Illinois jobs?

Political Philanthropy

Why do people donate to politicians?

Governor Rauner’s State of the State

Where’s the call to action?

Interview with James Marter

Sen. Mark Kirk has a primary opponent

Interview with Kyle McCarter

Why take on a twenty-year incumbent?

GOP Townships Censure Sen. Mark Kirk

Grassroots Republicans pull their support

A Call to Action

If you don’t feel represented, do something

Interview with Joe Walsh

“First, there will be a crash”

Iowa Caucus Results

More Republicans voted than Democrats

New Hampshire Primary Results

Again, more Republicans voted than Democrats

South Carolina Primary Results

Trump takes all 50 delegates

Nevada Caucus Results

How does the record Trump turnout compare?

COVER STORY: Who’s the Best Bet?

In search of the next Reagan

Convention of States

The Founders didn’t want all the power in D.C.

Interview with John Tillman

Can Illinois be the Texas of the Midwest?

Choosing Whether to Stay or Leave Illinois

Can the exodus be stopped?

Mark Levin’s “Plunder and Deceit”

Book Review: generational theft and loss of liberty

The View from a Neighbor

A Missouri operative explains how to win here

Cook County Property Tax Assessments

A process convoluted by design

A Success Story

Peter Roskam and the 6th Congressional District

Interview with state Senator Dan Duffy

Illinois is at a crossroads

Interview with Dan McConchie

Candidate for the Illinois 26th Senate District

Interview with Martin McLaughlin

Candidate for the Illinois 26th Senate District

Interview with State Rep. David McSweeney

Candidate for re-election in the 52nd House District

Who’s the Extremist?

Pro-life can be a winning issue for Republicans

Common Core

Where the wrong answer can be right

Learn for Free

Khan Academy and Hillsdale College offer quality resources

The Problem with Body-Rejecting Students

Title IX is being perverted in high schools

Illinois Review

Crossroads of the conservative community

Faith, Family & Freedom

Illinois Family Action gets conservatives in motion

The Diersen Digest

Illinois’ free daily email newsletter

Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2016

Higher prices, smaller networks, canceled plans

Climate Change Reconsidered

There is no “consensus” on the human impact on the climate

Suggested Books and DVD’s

For your family or school and public libraries

A free online source for political information

An online interactive electoral map

2016 Voter Guide

Information about the primary candidates as contributed by the candidates.

Scorecard for IL Members of Congress

From Heritage Action and Conservative Review